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Canon Mirrorless Cameras

As a three-time winner of the “Australian Photographic Dealer of the Year” award, you can only expect the best deals on Canon mirrorless cameras at Michaels. Also known as compact system cameras (or CSCs), mirrorless cameras don’t contain optical viewfinders and mirrors, making for a more compact and light frame than your conventional DSLR.
Canon provides two excellent compact system camera offerings, the EOS M and EOS R.
Canon EOS M
Despite its smaller size, the Canon EOS M range provides high-quality images for both stills and movies. This line comes with an electronic viewfinder for additional creative benefits. EOS M cameras also use APS-C sized sensors that create excellent quality images without sacrificing portability.
This line is compatible with EF M lenses, providing you with a broad range of lenses, from telephotos to wide angles, all featuring a compact frame. If you have EF or EF S Canon lenses, you can use them on an EOS M with an adaptor.
Canon EOS R
The Canon EOS R range is a slight upgrade to the EOS M, featuring a full-frame sensor for better image quality. Like the EOS M, these Canon mirrorless cameras also come with an electronic viewfinder, helpful for almost any shooting. You can also use this viewfinder to control the exposure for both stills and videos.
This line works best with Canon’s new RF lenses, but similar to the EOS M cameras, you can use an EF or EF S Canon lens if you have an adaptor. However, a native RF lens provides many benefits such as controllable shutter speeds, apertures, and ISOs, all located in a convenient, customisable control ring.
Lastly, one of the key advantages of the EOS R Canon mirrorless cameras is their ability to focus in low-light settings.

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