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Fujifilm Mirrorless Cameras

Fujifilm has been a household name for over eighty years because they consistently deliver cameras that many have come to enjoy. Michaels offers the best deals on the X Series, Fujifilm’s strong contenders for the mirrorless camera race. They’re chic, impeccably made, and boast up-to-date features that will delight the photography enthusiast in you.
Light speed focus What makes the X Series autofocus unique is that it can be fine-tuned to specific subjects when taking photos or videos. This function is a great convenience for people who shoot moving subjects like athletes, performers, and animals.
There is very little to no discrepancy in what is happening in real life and what you can see in the viewfinder. With up to 325 AF points, you can take extremely stable and clear portraits.
Tools That Make the Perfect Picture
The versatile X Mount
Fujifilm mirrorless cameras work best with XF lenses, and there are a whopping 25 of them to choose from. The capabilities of these lenses range from standard zooms, shots with wide apertures, and macro close-ups.
Lightweight and ergonomically sound
All of the X Series models are a joy to handle, making it easier for users to minimize shaking and vibrations. Each one is also compact, so they don’t take up much space when you travel, and you can hold sessions more discreetly.
In addition, the Optical Image Stabilization of XF lenses is top-quality. You can expect to produce the best pictures minus the blur and extraneous noise.
An accurate viewfinder
The X Series cameras are all equipped with a 2.36-dot resolution electronic viewfinder, meaning that when you’re composing a photo or video on it, what you see is what you get. If you’re a purist and prefer to shoot in optical mode, the X-Pro2 and the X100F also have that option.

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