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Leica Rangefinder 35mm Film Cameras

Leica’s M Series 35mm Rangefinder film cameras are legendary for their chrome body finishes and compact size. In keeping with the timeless Leica tradition, the MP line, first introduced in 2003, uses the Leica M-mount. These cameras accept all of Leica’s bayonet-mount lenses, from 21 mm through 135 mm, that the company has issued since 1954. 

Using a 35mm Camera

Leica 35mm MP film cameras are more expensive and have fewer features than a digital camera, but the MP stands for “mechanical perfection” for a reason. Unlike the computerization of modern digital cameras, these purely mechanical cameras, when coupled with superior optical lenses, can open up new creative horizons for experienced contemporary photographers. 

These cameras have no batteries, no exposure meters, and no monitors. Despite these things, the mechanical quality of these cameras builds upon Leica’s 100 years of experience and makes the perfection tangible. You can feel it when the camera is in your hands.

Photographers can fully concentrate on their muse and read the shutter speed manually. The shutter speed is one to 1/1000 seconds. It has a bright-line frame viewfinder with automatic parallax correction. You must manually load film by opening the bottom cover and rear panel.

Leica built the MP model mostly for experienced photographers. For those younger photographers raised on digital camera, it will take time to get used to the mechanical way that Leica cameras work. This camera may seem like more work, but the final result is breathtaking.

Michaels Has Had 100 Years to Prove Ourselves

We are celebrating our 100th anniversary, which means we have over a century of experience in the photography world. Like the Leica company, we have been around a little longer than your typical company.

Family owned and operated since 1916, we are three-time winners of the Australian Photographic Dealer of the Year award. We’ve seen the development of excellent digital cameras today, but you can’t beat the traditional feel of Leica film cameras. Our family is here if you have any questions. Feel free to ask, and we can help you find the perfect model.

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