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Leica Mirrorless Cameras

Leica cameras are famously the artistic choice for most enthusiasts for a good reason. They are built to last and always have fully loaded features that are ahead of the game. You can get a good deal on Leica’s latest offerings here at Michaels. We carry cameras from Leica’s various ranges, and one of them is bound to be the right fit for you.
Leica M Series
Leica’s presence was considerably felt when mirrorless cameras started hitting the market. They quickly transitioned into it with their M Series, which is still relevant despite the new additions to their selection.
The earlier models of the M Series still employ manual focusing using an optical rangefinder, something that some folks still prefer to live view screens. Later models also adapted to full-frame from the older APS sensor size.
Leica SL Series
The SL Series is a generation of cameras that are compatible with L-mount lenses. Each one is carved out of a block of German aluminium, making these cameras sturdy, stylish, and extremely capable.
You can take high-res photos and 4k videos by shooting with a CMOS sensor, all backed up with various artistic modes and options. Not only are they ergonomically sound and elegantly designed, but these Leica mirrorless cameras are also backed by a professional-grade system.
Leica CL Series
The CL Series was designed specifically for those who want the “Leica style” and added portability. Because they are so light and user-friendly, these cameras are ideal for taking on trips. It is important to note that despite being compact, Leica did not compromise on features.
This line uses an APS-C sensor, meaning you don’t have to sacrifice image quality for convenience. It’s also worth noting that you can change its lenses should you want to.
The Leica TL Range Leica’s collaboration with Audi Design birthed the TL Series, minimalist cameras with outstanding performance. You can navigate the camera’s menus on a large touchscreen, and image sharing is made easy with its straightforward connectivity.

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