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Lomo Instant and 35mm Film Cameras from Lomography

Lomography’s Lomo’Instant cameras are an affordable and popular instant-print camera option that comes with a range of colour choices, lens attachment sets, and width options. The prices for these cameras vary based on the features and accessories, but you can buy a basic model for a couple of hundred dollars. Lomo also makes a range of 35mm analogue cameras that are simple and playful. 

Why Lomography Lomo’Instant and Film Cameras Are Among the Best

When using one of the most popular Lomo film cameras, you can expect a wide-angle camera with a powerful flash. These models are great if you are looking to experiment with your photography style in a retro fashion.

At Michaels, we also offer the fun Lomo’Instant cameras with multiple lenses, as well as the lens kits for them. You can use these in three different modes – flash on auto mode, flash on manual mode, and flash off manual mode. Each of these modes has various benefits based on the shooting location. The flash on the auto mode will detect the brightness inside to provide the proper amount of flash, the flash on auto mode is mainly used for shooting inside or during the day, and the flash off manual mode is fantastic for long exposures at night.

People can often overlook Lomography’s instant and 35mm film cameras because they don’t have as many features as many cameras. These cameras are not digital, so you will have to replace the film as you take photos, but these cameras create a refreshing look that can completely change your style.

Choose Michaels to Help You Find Your Style

Whether your strong suit is taking photographs of people, nature, or animals, using a Lomography instant or film camera can change the way people see your shots. Michaels wants to help you make that transition. Feel free to reach out to us with any questions, and we can get you started on the journey of finding the perfect camera.

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