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Nikon DSLR Cameras

The Nikon brand has released reliable, quality offerings over the years, and their DSLR range is no different. If you’re looking for Nikon DSLR cameras at great prices, michaels is the place to shop. Let’s take a closer look at Nikon’s DSLR models.

DX Series The sensors used by this series are smaller than their FX counterpart. This design makes for lighter, more portable, and budget-friendly models with the same image-producing capabilities of a 36-megapixel full-frame DSLR camera. The DX model’s smaller sensor also produces a slight image magnification with a 1.5X crop factor. This feature can be advantageous because subjects are captured much closer to the image circle’s centre. The end product is usually sharper, and there is less vignetting around the frame’s edge. If you’re a frequent user of smaller lenses, Nikon built the DX series with them in mind. However, some may find the series’ compatible “super-wide” lens range a bit lacking. FX Series

If you prefer to forego a more portable frame and lower price point for higher image quality, you might want to look into the FX Series. The FX series uses full-frame sensors that provide users with more control over the depth of field. Any images produced don’t require any conversion because they come with “true” focal lengths and viewing angles.

Because of the sensor size, FX series cameras perform well even under low-lit conditions and allow for higher sensitivity. With a full-frame sensor, these cameras also come with dual options with different capabilities, one focused on a higher resolution, and the other on sensitivity and speed.
Opposite of the DX series, FX models can’t use lenses built for smaller sensors (unless you crop to a smaller image). However, a larger sensor makes these cameras more compatible with wide lenses.

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