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Nikon Mirrorless Cameras

All photography enthusiasts hold Nikon in high regard for a good reason. They have been pioneers for over a hundred years, and they continue to set the standard in the camera industry. Nikon is still ahead of the game, as made evident by their Z Series. Naturally, we at Michaels must give this series the praise it deserves.
Impressive Image Quality in Lightweight Packages
How has Nikon managed to pull this off? It is mostly due to the Z’s mount design, and some of it is because of software corrections. Despite being remarkably compact, the Z’s cameras feature the widest lens mount (55mm) in today’s market, resulting in clearer and brighter images.
Even in low-light conditions, you can expect to capture photos and videos that only top-tier cameras can compete with.
Features You Can Rely On
  • Powerful Image Stabilisation Entirely novel to this series, Nikon mirrorless cameras drop an unmatched 5-axis image stabilisation system that produces crystal clear images when used with the mount lens. Compatible with NIKKOR lenses, the image quality will always be astounding.
  • Natural View Electronic Viewfinder Nikon has always been famous for producing the best optical viewfinders. The Z Series is equipped with an OLED viewfinder where you can check your angles and adjust some settings.
  • Top-tier Image Processing Engine Outfitted with the new EXPEED 6, these devices can capture even full-frame 4K UHD videos without cropping them. You can shoot professional-quality videos as if you have traditional filmmaking equipment.
  • Virtually Noiseless With a CMOS sensor that uses both contrast and phase detection, the camera’s autofocus works quickly and silently as you shoot stills and movies. You’re not going to hear extraneous noise or witness wobbling, especially when paired with NIKKOR lenses.
  • Replay tool With a device that can shoot 120 FPS in epic slow motion and smoothen exposure to create time-lapse videos, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

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