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Olympus Compact Cameras

Olympus Compact Digital Cameras
If you are an outdoor enthusiast or adventurer, you’ll find that the highly resilient Olympus compact digital cameras are perfect for wherever your adventures lead you. These robust compacts boast features ranging from dust- and waterproofing to anti-fogging, crushproof, freeze-proof, and shockproof properties.
The TG-Series of compact action cameras includes a range of easy to use features that allow outdoor enthusiasts to shoot stills and video while enjoying their activities. Whether you’re snowboarding, diving, canoeing, or mountain biking, you can always capture effortless images with reliable lenses and optical zoom. Excellent ISO sensitivity allows for low-light shooting, particularly with the fast f/2 lens.
The popular TG-6 features image stabilization and can focus as closely as 1cm. If you need ultra-closeups, consider investing in an optional light guide and flash diffusers.
Other features you can enjoy in this compact series are fisheye conversion for circular fisheye photography, enhanced underwater shooting modes, and the popular Variable Macro system. There’s no better way to relive your adventures than with stunning stills and videos, and Olympus’s compact cameras make it easy.
The highly regarded micro four thirds OM-D cameras in this range include fast processors such as the TruePic VIII engine. This ensures the cameras are quick and responsive enough to keep up with fast-paced action.
Advanced features include the ability to capture high-resolution images in RAW format for image compositing, art filters, and post-processing. With integrated Wi-Fi, you can easily share high-quality images and video of your experiences.
Olympus compact digital cameras are designed with broad feature sets, excellent image quality for their compact sizes, and a host of advanced features that guarantee quality pics and videos. They’re also equipped with environmental sensors that store everything from temperature and GPS coordinates to air pressure and compass heading, making them the perfect companion for your outdoor adventure.

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