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Panasonic Mirrorless Cameras

Michaels is a leading provider of Panasonic mirrorless cameras, offering excellent deals that include complimentary packages worth $393. A mirrorless camera is a reliable option for photographers who prefer a lighter and more compact device.
Let’s take a closer look at Panasonic’s LUMIX mirrorless line.
G Series
Lumix cameras use a 4/3-type MOS sensor, which is known for its low power consumption and wide dynamic range. With the Venus Engine processor, the G series enjoys superior noise reduction for better quality photos and videos. This engine links smoothly to the Live MOS sensor, and both work in tandem to process larger signals at high speed for full-HD video capabilities.
Along with these components, G Series Panasonic mirrorless cameras also feature high-precision and high-speed contrast AF, full-time live viewing, free-angle monitors, and electronic viewfinders.
S Series
The S Series is considered an upgrade due to its full-frame CMOS sensor. This camera line is based on the L-Mount standard that is known for its compact and well-balanced dimensions, creating a flange focus that enhances the performance and portability of Panasonic mirrorless cameras.
The Lumix S Series provides superior colour reproduction, rich gradation, and high resolution. Like the G Series, Lumix S cameras feature high-precision and high-speed AF systems based on unique lens control technology. Along with the Venus Engine, users can easily capture moving targets in sharp focus even in less than ideal conditions.
Other useful features include a “Flat Mode” photo style, which creates a plainer finish with less saturation and contrast for versatile use. These cameras also come with a flicker decrease system that suppresses the ill-effects of flickering fluorescent lighting. Lastly, the IS Status Scope lets you consciously remove the cause of a shake by observing the pointer that helpfully indicates the device’s shaking condition.

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