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Pentax DSLR Cameras

If you want to capture beautiful images and videos without having to spend more than necessary, Michaels is the place to be. We provide Pentax KP DSLR cameras that are jam-packed with useful and convenient features. Let’s explore the KP model in more detail.
Powerful Components
Despite having a smaller body than your typical DSLR, the Pentax KP is fully capable of producing high-quality images, and the secret lies in its components. This camera houses a 24.3-megapixel filter less CMOS sensor and a high-performance imaging engine, allowing users to shoot high-sensitivity night scenes.
The KP also excels when it comes to offering ease-of-use features. With the Pixel Shift Resolution and the SRII Shake Reduction System, it’s easier to shoot fast-moving subjects. High-speed shooting (up to 1/24000 of a second) is also possible thanks to its electronic shutter option.
Versatile Design
With a magnesium alloy frame and 67 seals to make it weather-resistant, freeze-proof, and dust-proof, the KP is a solid choice for any outdoor photographer. It also provides a broad range of photographic options such as shutter speed bracketing and depth of field bracketing.
While Pentax seems like a minor DSLR brand, the KP model enjoys a growing list of compatible lenses for added versatility. Pentax mirrorless cameras like the KP also feature a high degree of customizability. For instance, the grip replacement system allows photographers to alter the grip based on their lens choice or shooting style.
Convenient Build
The compact body of the KP is easier to handle than your typical bulky DSLR. It also comes with three conveniently located control dials at the top, front, and rear. The top dial works in tandem with a Smart Function system that provides quick access to three custom modes, continuous shooting, auto-exposure metering, and HDR capture.

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