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Polaroid Cameras

Polaroid, the pioneer of the instant-print camera, offers some relatively inexpensive options as far as cameras go. A few hundred dollars or less will give you access to some of the best Polaroid cameras we have seen in a while, which are available in the retro style as well as in modern-looking, multi-colour options. Whatever style of Polaroid you’re looking for, Michaels has something for you.

Different Types of Polaroid Cameras

A trendy choice is the Polaroid OneStep 2 VF camera. This more affordable model has a retro appearance. The high-quality lens allows for fixed-focus and a wide field of view. The camera has a self-timer function, a 60-day battery life, and a powerful flash. 

The shutter system uses a precision step motor to capture each moment perfectly. The OneStep 2 VF camera comes with a charging cable and neck strap for convenience.

The Polaroid Snap Touch Instant camera is a popular but more expensive Polaroid camera, desired for its compact look paired with multiple colour options. The built-in printing capability allows you to collect your photos immediately and share with whomever you’d like. 

You can also decide to print later. With the Polaroid, you don’t have to deal with any ink or toner, which is a bonus. The company also has an app that works with Bluetooth to allow you to customize and add borders and stickers to your prints.

Choose Michaels as Your Go-to Camera Company

Our company is celebrating its 100th anniversary, and we invite you to be a part of it. In business in Australia through five generations, Michaels is a three-time winner of the Australian Photographic Dealer of the Year award, and we keep our customers’ needs and wants an utmost priority. Please let us help you choose the perfect Polaroid camera! Just ask us any questions, and we’ll help guide you through our products.

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