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Ricoh Compact Digital Cameras

Since 1998, Ricoh has designed the highly popular range of compact GR cameras, which are small, lightweight, and easy to use. The Ricoh compact digital cameras offer a single wide-angle lens in a small package, which makes them perfect for capturing high-resolution images and video in any situation.

You can keep them in your pocket or store them in a compact case for quick access. GR cameras work surprisingly well for everything from travel to landscapes and portraits to street photography. The wide-angle lens design allows photographers to engage closely with the world around them. This ability to get closer to subjects while still providing effortless portability is what makes Ricoh
compact digital cameras stand out.

An array of technological features ensures that you can capture the best possible images in any situation. One of the most notable features is a macro mode that helps you get even closer to small objects.

The high-resolution APS-C sized sensor allows for highly detailed results and plenty of resolution to crop images. A bright aperture lens makes these cameras highly capable even during sunrise and sunsets. Short start-up times allow for quick, responsive shooting, and high definition LCD monitors with touchscreen operation enable you to control various camera functions right on the screen.

Another outstanding feature of Ricoh’s compact cameras is the in-body shake reduction, which makes for sharper shots even in low light. This feature effectively compensates for camera shake at the time you release the shutter. The exterior frame is made of highly rigid material for enhanced durability and dependability.

Whatever your style of photography, the portability and rich features of Ricoh compact digital cameras open up new creative opportunities. This lineup of high-end digital cameras provides exceptional image quality in compact, lightweight bodies ideal for travel, street photography, and capturing candid images.

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