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Sigma Mirrorless Cameras

For over 50 years, Sigma has consistently been a forerunner in the cam tech game. In fact, other well-known brands still use their components and accessories. Their latest offering, the Sigma fp, is available here at Michaels. It holds the title for the world’s lightest full-frame mirrorless camera. With such a small footprint and no compromise on image quality, it is the perfect companion for travel and casual use.
Let’s look at the fp’s features more closely.
The Best Electronic Shutter
Completely doing away with a mechanical shutter, the Sigma fp’s full-time electronic shutter significantly minimizes lagging, blur, and noise. You can count on Sigma mirrorless cameras to capture the most precise shots even with shaky hands and around unstable environments. Its response time, coupled with its 24.6 effective megapixels, allows the user to take crisp images and videos every single time.
Ticking All the Right Boxes
  • A Travelling Must-have The fp’s almost completely die-cast aluminum build makes it durable and easy to carry around. This material also ensures better heat dissipation throughout the device. The body and lens are splash and dustproof, allowing the user to shoot in not-so-ideal conditions like sandstorms and rain.
  • Various Options and Modes Professionals and hobbyists alike will appreciate the fp’s wide range of artistic options and modes both in image and video creations. These, combined with its 35mm full-frame Bayer sensor, will let your creativity flow freely.
  • Accurate Face/Eye Detection AF The device locks in on human subjects when taking portraits, ensuring that those spots pull focus. This feature works well even while shooting with a shallow depth of field using a large-diameter lens, perfect for taking pictures of friends and family.
  • Professional Video Output Not only is the fp equipped to function as a professional film camera, but it also supports other lenses that you may want to use when shooting videos. You can view everything from waveform display to zebra patterning, similar to having traditional filmmaking equipment with the added convenience.

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