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FREE Lunchtime Seminars

Designed to inspire and educate, michaels Media School delivers FREE Thursday Lunchtime Seminars covering a variety of subjects to help improve your skills and get the best results from your photography.

Benefit from tips, tricks and advice from our expert Media School instructor Alwyn Hanson, along with prominent local and international photographers presenting special event seminars on their respective areas of expertise.

Every Thursday - 1:10pm to 1:50pm - No Booking Required

Lunchtime Seminars commence on the 8th of February 2018

2018-02-22: Breaking the Exposure Boundaries - A Guide to HDR Photography

Thursday February 22

Modern cameras have a limited exposure range, for example they cannot photograph an interior of a rooms as well as exposing correctly the view outside the window.

This is called dynamic range, and can be an issue for real estate photography for example.

One solution is to use High Dynamic Range Photography (HDR).

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2018-03-01: Do not Disturb - Photographing Australian Wildlife

Thursday March 1

We are surrounded by some of the world’s most beautiful wildlife and that provides many opportunity’s to take great photographs.

From Parrots to Snakes, from Koalas to Kangaroos we can take the most outstanding images without travelling far from our front door.

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2018-03-08: The Master Photographers — 1) Frank Hurley

Thursday March 8

The first in a series of seminars discussing the work of the world’s best photographers.

James Francis "Frank" Hurley, OBE (15 October 1885 – 16 January 1962) was an Australian photographer and adventurer. He participated in a number of expeditions to Antarctica, including surviving famous Endurance Expedition lead by Sir Ernest Shackleton. He then served as an official photographer with Australian forces during both World Wars.

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2018-03-15: Mastering the Light — Taking Great Outside Portraits

Thursday March 15

Portrait photography is much more than directing a camera at a subject and asking them to say "cheese". Beautiful portraits will not only capture a person or group of people but also portray a subjects expression and mood. Moreover, while the subjects face is the typically the focus of portrait images, the purposeful use of backgrounds can add significantly to the overall look of the image.

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2018-03-22: Challenge the Rules — Alternative Flower Photography

Thursday March 22

There are many ways to photograph flowers. Some are easy, some are effective,
 but-some are inventive!

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2018-03-29: Protect Your Investment — Equipment Care & Maintenance

Thursday March 29

Cameras, lenses and various accessories can be very expensive to acquire. A little care goes a long way to ensure your investment lasts and continues to produce flawless images.

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