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FREE Lunchtime Seminars

Designed to inspire and educate, michaels Media School delivers FREE Thursday Lunchtime Seminars covering a variety of subjects to help improve your skills and get the best results from your photography.

Benefit from tips, tricks and advice from our expert Media School instructor Alwyn Hanson, along with prominent local and international photographers presenting special event seminars on their respective areas of expertise.

Every Thursday - 1:10pm to 1:50pm - No Booking Required

Please check this site regularly as the schedule is subject to change.

2017-06-01: Sports Photography - Special Guest Presenter Quinn Rooney

Thursday June 1

See some incredible sports images and learn some tips and tricks from one of Australia's leading sports photographers.

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2017-06-08: Eye Catching Product Photography for eBay

Thursday June 08

Using poor quality photographs to sell online is one of the most common mistakes that eBay sellers make.

Eye catching product photography not only makes it easier to sell but it also enables higher auction prices to be obtained when selling on eBay.

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2017-06-15: Travel Portrait Photography - Special Guest Presenter Glynn Lavender

Thursday June 15

Join renowned photographer, and Tamron Ambassador, Glynn Lavender as he shares his travel experiences and techniques for approaching strangers, capturing dynamic travel portraits and adding new depths to the experience of travel by connecting with the people he photographs.

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2017-06-22: Capturing the Miniature — an Introduction to Macro Photography

Thursday June 22

A drop of water becomes a huge mirror, a spider’s web with morning dew becomes a string of pearls or everyday surfaces become alien landscapes.


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2017-06-29: Uncovering and Exploring the Hidden Secrets Contained in your Camera’s RAW Files

Thursday June 29

Why shoot RAW over Jpg is one of the never ending questions often heard in photography circles. Post production is where the magic happens with RAW files. With the facts and techniques presented you can decide if RAW power is right for you.

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2017-07-13: Seeing beyond the Noise — The Pros and Cons of High ISO Shooting and How to Tame the Noise Beast

Thursday July 13

Modern cameras can almost see in the dark these days, but there is a price to be paid for this ability and that is noise. With a solid understanding of the root cause of digital noise we can begin to tackle the solutions. While some types of noise can add to an image there are types that can really hurt it as well. Advanced software tools are now available to help you intelligently remove much of this distracting noise without destroying the original image.

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