Flying High: Should You Buy a Drone for Photography?

August 28, 2018

As photography drones continue to become increasingly affordable, many photographers are taking to the skies and experimenting with the wonders of aerial photography. However, there's a lot to consider before diving into the world of drones – from complex camera systems and an array of features to flight safety and your local regulations.

Before buying, there are two main types of drones to consider: the more costly options with in-built camera systems or drones where you can attach your own camera. Image quality is almost always at the top of any photography enthusiast's checklist and the more expensive drones come with a dynamic set of features such as greater flying stabilisation and mechanical camera shutters that can greatly sharpen photographs.

Being able to capture breath-taking videos has greatly contributed to the explosion in the popularity of drones. The cheaper options allow for 1080p quality video, which for most people will be perfectly acceptable. But for those considering top-of-the-line systems, many companies now offer drones with 4K video capabilities that'll have your videos looking cinematic in quality. There can also be a significant difference in flight time between various drones – consider what types of photos or videos you'd like to capture to make sure you won't miss any opportunities.

The rise of popularity in drones has also brought about many rules and regulations. For example, in Australia drone owners must always keep their drone in sight, fly less than 120 metres above the ground, and never operate over parks or beaches without proper authorisation. Always check your local drone regulations to make sure you aren’t breaking any laws.

There's clearly a lot to consider before buying a drone, but with the opportunity to take part in an emerging industry and capture some otherwise impossible photographs, a drone could be exactly what you need to take your photographs to the next level.

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