The Story Behind The Image - Giving It All You've Got

October 12, 2020

"At 1.18am at White Night in Melbourne, at the Corner of LaTrobe and Russell Streets, outside the old Law Courts I could not miss this street performer playing his trumpet whilst simultaneously shooting out flames. By this time in the morning the crowds has all but dispersed and some of the more "interesting" performers took their turn to gain the attention of the weary revellers.  

It was reasonably dark, the only illumination was from the surrounding street lights and the light emanating from the flames.  My task was to get an interesting shot. I knew that the built-in stabilisation of my camera would assist in being able to hand hold it with a relatively low shutter speed, however, it was the movement of the performer which I was concerned about.  No matter how steady or stabilised my camera was, the performer had to be reasonably still in order for him to be sharp in the final image.

The best way to overcome this would be by taking multiple shots in the hope that I'd catch the performer is a static moment . Out of 40 shots,  three were pretty sharp and clear.

Seeking and taking interesting subjects, people and scenes is one terrific  aspect of the hobby of photography.  This allows you to explore the world with your eyes truly open. To me, taking the photos is like gathering raw material."

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