Melbourne's Photo Show 13 October: Full Program Just Announced

September 23, 2018

Free Entry: Melbourne's Photo Show is a day of free lectures from world-class photographers, photography activities, demonstrations and more.

Gain a personal insight into the processes and motivations of professional photographers with our unique Insight Lecture Series. Learn about what moves them and shapes their vision and gain insight into your own personal photography journey.

For this series we’ve put together five captivating photographers to inspire you. 

Krystle Wright will discuss pursuing a creative career which is constantly challenging — not a case of asking what are you willing to do to succeed, rather, what are you willing to sacrifice.

Aliki Smith is the Editor-in-Chief of indie magazine She Shoots Film. Share her experiences in transitioning from photographer to publisher and her passion to support women’s film photography and writing through print media.

Nicole Clare Emanuel will take you through a fascinating visual seminar on her career spanning 15 years as a full-time press photographer, and a further ten years as a specialist in horses and animals.

In Chris Smith’s Connecting with Portraits, he will give insight on where to start with portrait work? Get some background and hear his journey with Olympus and why he loves using Olympus gear. 

Learn from Karen Woo, Melbourne Fashion, Street Style and Editorial photographer. Known for her editorial, fashion campaign and street style work, Woo is a prolific blogger and will discuss everything between Fashion and Creative.

Featuring Lectures, Photo Walks, Lighting Demos, Free Canon Prints, Super-Tele Shooting Gallery and more.

See the website for more details and to plan your day!

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