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Which Drone is the right one for me?

February 16, 2018

In just a few short years we have gone from hearing about drone technology in the news to the possibility of owning one ourselves at a very affordable price.

DJI is the market leader in the in the consumer and professional drone industry and they are constantly refreshing and updating their product line.

The recent introduction (late January 2018) of the Mavic Air to their drone lineup has created a huge buzz in the market and many customers are coming to michaels considering their first entry in the world of drones.

As drones are so new to most customers and the technology is so different from standard cameras — choosing the right drone can be very confusing.

With this in mind, we list of the major points you want to take into consideration when choosing your first drone.

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From Screen to Print with Canon Ambassador - Ian van der Wolde

February 12, 2018

This seminar covers:

  • Why print your work?
  • What sort of printer should I get?
  • Dye vs Pigment Inks
  • Colour Management
  • ICC Profiles
  • Colour Gamuts
  • Colour Constancy
  • Monitor Profiling and Calibration
  • Monitor Viewing Conditions
  • Print Viewing Conditions
  • Printing Profiles

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White Night Melbourne is coming soon — Brush up on your night shooting with these helpful tips!

February 06, 2018

White Night Melbourne 2018 kicks off on Saturday 17, February from 7pm to 7am.

This huge Melbourne event is a fantastic photographic opportunity, but at the same time it presents some unique issues beyond the standard "we need to capture more light" challenges of working in the dark.

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December 20, 2017

michaels Christmas & Holiday Trading Hours 2017

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Canon GX 1 X Mark III Revealed

October 17, 2017

John Warkentin is joined by Mark Goodwin from Canon Australia and they take a closer look at the brand new Canon PowerShot G1 X Mark III.

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Going Wide — An Introduction to Panoramic Photography

October 08, 2017

- The history of the Panoramic Format

- Types of Panoramic Capture

- Dedicated Modes or Stitching

- Shooting Panoramas with the Gear you have right now

- Display of Panoramas on the Web

- Modern One Shot Panoramic Cameras - 360 Degree Video

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Blackmagic Web Presenter - Setting Up, Uses and Explanation including using two HDMI Video Cameras

September 10, 2017

John Warkentin from michaels walks you through all the steps required to connect 2 HDMI Video Cameras to a Blackmagic Web Presenter and switch video inputs using the Teranex Mini Smart Panel.

John connects the Web Presenter via USB to a laptop and demonstrates how the output of the Web Presenter just shows up in your list of available web camera sources in any software that supports web cams.

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Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III with Olympus Expert Karl Ludik

September 08, 2017

Karl Ludik the Olympus Specialist joins John Warkentin at michaels and they discuss the brand new Olympus OM-D E-M10 Mark III The OM-D E-M10 Mark III is an interchangeable lens camera that lets you capture high-quality images without having to make any complicated operations.

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The Nikon D850 Unboxed

September 06, 2017

John and Bill crack open the box of the first Nikon D850 that arrived at michaels.

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Canon Announces 3 new Tilt Shift Lenses - What to Expect

September 05, 2017

The Shift and Tilt functions of the TS-E 24mm are demonstrated in this live video and the independent rotation of the Tilt and Shift axis on the 24 and 17mm are explained vs the fixed axis on the existing 45 and 90mm.

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New in Used @ michaels: Leica Die letzten 999 M6 TTL Serial # 460

September 04, 2017

“Die letzten 999 M6 TTL” is a limited series of 999 M6 TTL cameras bearing the special print logo "LEICA M6 1984 - 2002" on the Top plate.

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Leica Die Letzten 999 M6 TTL — New in Used @ Michael’s

September 03, 2017

Leica Die Letzten 999 M6 TTL — New in Used @ Michael’s

Bill and John discuss the M6 TTL, Die Letzen 999 model which was a series that Leica brought out at the end of its production run.

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Sony RX0 Announced

August 31, 2017

A new type camera with 1.0 inch -type sensor ultra-compact camera with waterproof and shockproof design.

With boundless capability contained within a strong, waterproof, miniature body, the Sony RX0 combines cutting-edge imaging performance and rugged, ready-for- anything design for more versatile operation all around, whether on its own or with multi-camera systems and accessories. 

Shoot freely. View the results as you like. With so much creative shooting freedom at your
fingertips, your power to bring your visions to life is limitless.

This is new type of camera which offers entirely new imaging possibilities for today’s creators.

The RX0 (model name: DSC-RX0) marries the hallmark leading image quality of the
Sony RX series with advanced photo and video capabilities, all compressed into a robust and ultra-compact body.

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Introduction to the michaels media school

August 29, 2017

Introduction to the michaels media school

John Warkentin is joined by Alwyn Hanson the manager of the michaels media school for a general discussion about the courses and workshops on offer at michaels camera. In Alwyn's very popular introductory classes he boils down often complex camera operation into simple actionable steps anyone can use to capture great photographs time and time again.

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Learn About The Blackmagic Web Presenter and the Terenex Mini Smart Panel

August 28, 2017

The Web Presenter is a unique product because it enables you to connect
industry standard HDMI or SDI cameras; or one of each; and feed that video signal
into a standard computer’s USB 2 port, through a USB-B printer style cable; and
the Web Presenter then presents itself as a webcam - so everything just works with
all software; any computer; any software that can talk to a webcam will work with
the Web Presenter; and you get to use high-end quality cameras.

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Nikon D850 What To Expect

August 25, 2017

Two michaels' experts discuss many aspects of Nikon's new 46 MegaPixel D850.

This new Full Frame DSLR from Nikon tops the charts with both high resolution and high frame rate while still providing amazing high ISO performance and market leading dynamic range.



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Fashion Photography – From Sketch to Billboard

August 10, 2017

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REWIND: The Resurgence of Film Photography

August 07, 2017

A short documentary on the resurgence of film photography by a group of Deakin University students in Melbourne, Australia.

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Melbourne's Photo Show July 2017 In Review

August 04, 2017

An overview of the July 2017 Melbourne's Photo Show.

We hope you enjoyed the Melbourne's Photo Show at michaels and much as we did hosting it!

If you didn't have a chance to attend - yes it was bitterly cold on that day - here is a short video to give you an idea of what you missed.
Don't worry - there will be more to come at michaels as we head into summer.

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An Interview With Joyce Evans - Photographer - Educator - Valuer - Commercial Photographic Gallery

July 31, 2017

Joyce Evans works as a documentary photography. Major areas of investigation include the edge of the road, road kills and fatalities, the land, and many other bodies of focused photo essays and photographic work.

In her landscape photography, Evans strives to capture the essence of the place, relating to the viewer not only its purely mimetic qualities, but also the spiritual and psychological sensation of the place. Among the most outstanding bodies of work are series of photographic essays taken by Evans in the Dandenongs and Mt Martha regions in the outer Melbourne; along the Hume Highway; in the Central Desert and outback Australia, most notably Oodnadatta, Oodlawirra, Menindee, and Lake Mungo; vineyards and rural villages in the South of France; the old Jewish cemetery in the centre of Prague; and numerous others.

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My Desperate Journey with a Human People Smuggler - Barat Ali Batoor

July 31, 2017

michaels presented FujiFilm Advocate Barat Ali Batoor as part of our Insight Lecture Series held during Melbourne's Photo Show on 22nd July.

Barat's family was driven out of Afghanistan during the civil war when most of his people were massacred. He returned to his ancestral country for the first time after September 11, 2001, when the Taliban regime was still in Kandahar, despite the United States-led campaign to oust them. After visiting the devastation and destruction of 23 years of war, Batoor decided to work for his country and to draw the world's attention to the plight of the Afghani people the problems facing the country.

Barat Ali Batoor is a multi award-winning photographer based in Melbourne. He was born in 1983, in a family that was driven out of Afghanistan during the civil war when most of his people were massacred. He returned to his ancestral country for the first time after September 11, 2001, when the Taliban regime was still in Kandahar, despite the United States-led campaign to oust them.

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Finding your Vision in Underwater Photography and Video - Michaela Skovranova

July 28, 2017

michaels presented Olympus Australia Visionary Michaela Skovranova as part of our Insight Lecture Series held during Melbourne's Photo Show on 22nd July.

Michaela takes you on an inspiring journey below the waves where huge creatures become the subjects of her photographic canvas.

Michaela’s international underwater photography expertise gives her the unique ability to help you find the best way of working in your immediate environment, enabling you to find our own vision under the waves. She will discus the equipment options that she uses to document the underwater world using natural light and breath hold techniques.

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Mark Galer - Travel Photography with the Sony α9/a9 Camera

July 27, 2017

michaels presented Sony Global Ambassador Mark Galer as part of our Insight Lecture Series held during Melbourne's Photo Show on 22nd July.

The Sony A9 is the talk of the town and with his extensive time behind the lens of this impressive full frame mirrorless camera, Mark Galer has much insight to share.

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Kelly Tunney - Confidence, Trust and Kickass Wedding Photography Lecture

July 26, 2017

michaels presented multiple award winning photographer Kelly Tunney as part of our Insight Lecture Series held during Melbourne's Photo Show on 22nd July.

Kelly’s mission is to help you find your photographic creative confidence and hang on to it for the long haul.

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